Snorkel Bermuda’s Coral Reef and Marine Life with K.S Watersports

Departing from 4 Convenient Locations across Bermuda.

Snorkel By Boat

Perfect for families, friends, couples and smaller groups who want to get out on the water and explore Bermuda’s amazing underwater marine life.

Two-Stop Snorkel & Shipwreck Excursion

Join us on an exciting snorkel adventure! This “Snorkel & Shipwreck Adventure” will stop at two amazing offshore spots for guests to snorkel. One stop is at/near a shipwreck and the other will be at a vibrant coral reef that you can only get to by boat. You will be provided with top quality snorkel equipment (which includes mask, snorkel & flippers), to explore the underwater marine life and tropical fish commonly found in the Atlantic and Bermuda’s waters. Groups on the boat are smaller than what other tour companies offer, plus we can take the boat into shallower areas where the snorkeling is fantastic. Let us show you the best parts of Bermuda from above and below the ocean. Prices start at $95 per person. Excursion operates daily during the summer season.

Private Snorkeling Boat Charter

Enjoy a half day or full day of snorkeling Bermuda’s crystal clear waters and vibrant coral reefs, onboard K.S. WaterSports spacious and comfortable private snorkeling boats. These private adventures will take you and your guests on an amazing journey as you experience Bermuda the very best way imaginable, by water! Your dedicated boat Captain will customize your snorkeling adventure and tour to your groups liking. They know where all the best snorkeling spots and areas are to take you, and you’ll never be too far away from the things you want to see. Whether you choose to snorkel beautiful coral reefs, hover over sunken shipwrecks, swim with fish or explore the ocean floor for lost treasures, these private snorkeling adventures give you and your guests the unique opportunity to see Bermuda in all its beauty, from above and below the water.

K.S. WaterSports snorkeling boats are capable of taking up to 12 average size adults comfortably onboard, and has the ability to get out to some amazing secluded and shallow snorkeling spots where the reefs are amazing and you are never too far away from our coastline. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced snorkeler, their staff will help you set up your snorkel gear and teach you how to snorkel if you need assistance. All K.S. WaterSports captains are CPR and first aid certified and have several year’s experience on Bermuda’s local waters.

Snorkel By Jet Ski

Perfect for families, friends, couples and groups who want to have some fun on the water and who are looking to explore Bermuda’s underwater Marine life.

Get ready for an exciting 2hr Jet Ski & Snorkel Safari which takes you and your guests around amazing parts of Bermuda’s coastline on a jet ski and to discover vibrant coral reefs and lots of underwater marine life. These Jet Ski Safari tours cover all the same things that their popular “Jet Ski Adventures” include, but with the added time and bonus of snorkeling at one of their many secret hideaways across Bermuda. Unlike larger snorkeling boats, jet skis can maneuver and go places that are secluded and more private, and this is where some of the best snorkeling can be located. Bermuda is surrounded by many beautiful coral reefs and shipwrecks, and has some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world. On good weather days you can see all the marine life and coral formations clearly below, a truly impressive sight to see. Advance reservations are highly recommended. All guests must be able to swim to participate on the Jet Ski & Snorkel Safari tours.

Things To Know:

  • The Jet Ski & Snorkeling Safari tours are suitable for ages 5 and up and all skill levels.
  • There is a 2 Jet Ski minimum requirement per booking for the 2hr Jet Ski & Snorkel Safari tour.
  • Tours can depart from K.S. WaterSports Dockyard, Southampton, Hamilton or St. George’s Locations. (Subject to availability)
  • Advance reservations are highly recommended for these popular snorkeling tours and excursions.
  • All guests must be able to swim to participate in the activity of Snorkeling. (Guests who cannot swim can still come onboard our snorkeling boats, but they will not be able to snorkel or go in the water).
  • Persons who cannot swim cannot participate on any of K.S. WaterSports Jet Ski & Snorkel Safari tours.