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1912, 2016

Bermuda Haha – Pensionable Age

By Roger Crombie Having dreaded the moment for years in advance, I finally reached pensionable age. It wasn’t the birthday I minded — being old doesn’t worry me in the least. What I feared was

1910, 2016

Lizards in Bermuda

If you have been to Bermuda, you may or may not have noticed some of our curious creatures come out to play; including the many lizards that make Bermuda their home. The Bermuda Skink (Plestiodon

2203, 2016

The Bermuda Triangle

By Alexandra Lima There are many things that make Bermuda famous. All over the word, we are known for our shorts, breathtaking views and perhaps even a swizzle or two, but the most talked about

2502, 2016

Bermuda Parks

As we head into spring, you may see many locals and visitors alike, out enjoying much of what Bermuda has to offer. Many of Bermuda's Parks offer wonderful views and trails ideal for dog walking,

2202, 2016

Bermuda Dreaming

Bermuda Dreaming Bermudian photographer, Amanda Temple has recruited a passionate team of artists, designers, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, photographers and island enthusiasts to help show the world the beautiful island they’re proud to call home. Amanda, was

1301, 2016

Bermuda Loquat Season

The off-season brings us one of the most abundant Bermudian culinary delicacies. The Loquat, a yellow-orange plum-like fruit, which grow on luxuriant trees throughout the island, is a staple in not only Bermuda’s colorful landscapes but island

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