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2911, 2016

Getting into the ‘Spirits’ of Christmas Giving

Getting into the ‘Spirits’ of Christmas Giving Amarula Cream An African liqueur, Amarula Cream is made from the exotic Marula fruit. From tree to bottle, it takes over two years to create each bottle of

2911, 2016

Do you know about Bermuda’s Caves

Do you know…About Bermuda’s Caves, Admiral Sir David Milne and a 600,000- year-old Stalagmite? By Horst Augustinovic Bermuda probably has more caves per square mile than anywhere else in the world. These caves are located

2911, 2016

Stay Beautiful Bermuda

Stay Beautiful Bermuda Dear Santa… By Lyndsey Scott-Furtado Beauty Advisor & Aesthetician, A.S. Cooper & Sons, Ltd. Although I can take the luxury for granted sometimes, I am extremely lucky to be able to try,

2911, 2016

Made you look! Alexandra Mosher and Amanda Temple Photography

Made you look! Alexandra Mosher & Amanda Temple Photography By Brigitta Wohlmuth Excitement and intrigue are what I’m feeling on my way to see Alexandra Mosher and Amanda Temple. For all my local readers these

2811, 2016

Golf in December

Golf in December, Port Royal Says Thank You Alex Madeiros By Kim Swan, J.P. Teaching Professional With the golf season in full swing, the golf community is infectiously  abuzz with players preoccupied with their scores and

2811, 2016

Free and Festive Christmas Events

 Join in the holiday cheer at these three Free and Festive Christmas Events. All of the below are free and family-friendly. BERMUDA NATIONAL TRUST ANNUAL CHRISTMAS WALKABOUT December 2, 6-9pm. The charming old town of St. George’s will

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