Bermuda’s Historical Sites

The Olde Towne of St. George’s  

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and Bermuda’s first capital. Features a number of historical attractions including St. Peter’s Church, The Unfinished Church, The Bermuda Historical Society Museum, World Heritage Centre, Bermuda National Trust Museum, Stocks ,Pillory & Ducking Stool, The Deliverance, Somers Garden and The Bermuda Perfumery. 

Carter House

34 Southside Rd, St. David’s Island 

A historic Bermuda cottage, thought to be the oldest dwelling in St. David’s. There is also a replica of an early settlers dwelling-hut to see. 


Camden, Paget 

An elegant house built circa 1725 is now the HQ of the Bermuda National Trust. See the Bermuda Rose Society’s showcase garden and the Mary-Jean Mitchell Green Memorial Garden and Gazebo. 

Camden House

Botanical Gardens, 16 Point Finger Rd. Paget Parish

The stately Georgian house is the offical residence of the Premier. 

Verdmont House

6 Verdmont Lane, off Sayle Rd, Smith’s Parish 

This 1710 Georgian style house features a collection of antique Bermuda cedar furniture, porcelain, portraits and children’s toys. 

Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity

29 Church Street, City of Hamilton 

This Anglican Cathedral is a neo-gothic city landmark and the tower offers panoramic views of the city. 

Parliament House

21 Parliament Street, City of Hamilton 

The House of Assembly meets here. 

Bermuda Historical Society Museum

11 Queen Street, City of Hamilton 

Established in 1895, this museum’s collection encompasses over 400 years of Bermuda history. 

Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse 

Lighthouse Rd, Southampton Parish 

Enjoy panoramic views of the island from this lighthouse built in 1846. 

St. David’s Lighthouse

Lighthouse Rd, St.David’s Island 

Enjoy a panoramic view of the East End from this lighthouse built in 1879. 

Somerset Bridge

Middle Rd, Sandy’s Parish 

The smallest drawbridge in the world, just wide enough to let the mast of a sailboat pass through. 

Heydon Trust 

16 Heydon Lane, off Somerset Road, Sandy’s Parish

See a tiny, exquisite chapel in a lovely open rural space. 

National Museum of Bermuda

The Keep, Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandy’s Parish 

Exhibits our rich nautical history and extensive artefact collections. 

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