The Bookmart Review – Best Bermudian Cook Books

by Martin Buckley, Department Manager at The Bookmart at Brown & Co

Bermuda benefits from being at something of a culinary crossroads and Bermudian breakfasts, lunch boxes, dinner tables and picnic hampers are packed with flavours drawn from the gastronomic traditions of Africa, the West Indies, the United Kingdom and the Americas.

If you want to experience the ‘real taste’ of Bermuda look no further than these cook books:









‘The Bermuda Cook Book’, by Cecile C. Snaith – Simmons.

This is THE biggest selling recipe book here in Bermuda and when you take a look through it is easy to see why.  All the Islands favourites are here, starting with that most Bermudian of delicacies, fish chowder.  There are no less than 25 ingredients listed and they combine to make what is undoubtedly Bermuda’s signature dish.  Bookmart’s choice:  Mouthwatering Curried Goat, page 68.

‘Bermudian Cookery’, published by the Bermudian Junior Service League.

Another longtime favourite, this indispensable guide to all that is best in our Islands cuisine is now in its 14th edition.  Recipes for quintessentially Bermudian Ginger Beer, Johnny Bread, Mussel Pie and Loquat Jam are joined by a guide to making perfect Cassava Bread, which dates all the way back to 1612.  Bookmart’s choice:  Sensational Conch Fritters, page 133.

‘Outerbridge’s Original Cookbook’, Edited by Norma Cross.

Billed as ‘A treasure trove of tasty culinary adventures from Bermuda’, this little book does not disappoint.  Outerbridge’s are of course the famous Bermudian makers of hot sherry pepper sauces but did you know that the tradition of these sauces began with the need for sailors in  the Royal Navy to enliven their rather monotonous rations ?  Once you’ve tasted the Bermuda baked beans (page 136) you’ll never buy canned ones again !  Bookmarts choice:  Lipsmacking Portuguese Black Bean Soup, page 53.

‘Avocado & Banana Recipes’ and ‘Lemon Recipes’, published by the Garden Club of Bermuda.

If you’re fortunate enough to have Avocado or Banana trees in your garden you’ll already know that they have a million and one uses.  Similarly the humble lemon is wasted if all you do is slice it for G&T’s.  These little books feature dozens of mouthwatering recipes that you don’t have to be a top chef to try.  Bookmart’s choice:  Delicious Baked Eggs In Avocado (Avocado & Banana) page 15.


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