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Some of the best Bermuda Attractions are steeped in Bermuda History including the various Art Galleries and Museums found around the Island. Take a Bermuda Cultural tour through the historical sites of Verdmont, Tucker House or the Heritage museum. The City of Hamilton has plenty to offer as well, with the City Hall & Arts Centre, which features collections of local artists in The Bermuda National Gallery as well as the Earl Cameron Theatre, Bermuda’s performing arts hub.

Bermuda Historical Society Museum

Bermuda Historical Society Museum stores prime collections, important historical documents and artifacts of the island.The public rooms are small but full of Bermudian treasures. Coins, Silver and furniture have been

Historic Tucker House

Historic Tucker House has a magnificent collection of Tucker family silver, china and crystal, antique English mahogany and Bermuda cedar furniture, portraits by Blackburn, and exquisite hand-sewn quilts are just

St George’s Historical Society Museum

St George's Historical Society Museum is one of the oldest and unique buildings in Bermuda. Bus routes to St George: 1, 3, 10, 11. April ‰- November Hours: Mon ‰- Thurs &

Royal Naval Dockyard

Built by Royal decree to defend British superiority on the seas, the Royal Naval Dockyard is today a resplendent place of discovery. Within the walls of this nineteenth century fortress where troops

Bermudian Heritage Museum

The unique "L" shape and hipped roof of the former Grand United Order of Good Samaritans Lodge is characteristic of many 19th century lodges. Once home to an order of

Bermuda International Film Festival

BIFF is recognised by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as a Qualifying Festival for the Short Film Academy Award. Our BIFFlix Film Series presents a movie monthly

Speciality Cinema & Grill

The Speciality Cinema is your alternative to the megaplex movie going experience. We are by choice the small guy in town, providing more intimate, personal setting in which to enjoy

City Hall & Arts Centre

Located in central Hamilton on Church street, Bermuda City Hall is a prominent white building.As you go up the stairs, you will find Bermuda National Gallery on the first landing

Verdmont Historic House and Gardens

This fascinating and beautiful old house is one of Bermuda's most significant historic buildings. Built c. 1710, Verdmont is a unique example of early Georgian architecture, and has remained virtually

Fort St. Catherine

Fort St. Catherine has many historic exhibits, artifacts, and a well preserved interior.Today this stone built St Catherine fort houses a museum and is one of Bermudas most impressive structures.

Bermuda Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens is 36 acres of trees, flowers and shrubs. Bermuda Botanical Gardens are also home to the Camden, the official residence of Bermuda's Premier, and the Masterworks Museum

City of Hamilton Bermuda

The City of Hamilton was founded and named after Sir Henry Hamilton who served as Governor of Bermuda from 1788 - 1794 and who was very instrumental in supporting the

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