This is the parish Anglican (Episcopalian) church, on the Somerset Road. with an interesting church history. Bus routes # 7 (Dockyard) and # 8 stop on Somerset Road, at the junction with Church Valley Lane (left) and Scotts Hill Road (right). You’ll see the church’s spire on the left, if you’re traveling west. It was destroyed by a hurricane in 1780 and rebuilt. mostly in Bermuda limestone. With its graceful spire, sweeping driveway and imposing entrance. Regularly attended by some US Navy sailors and airmen from the Navy base not far away (until it closed in 1995). Also the place of burial of US Navy aviators when their aircraft crashed in the 1940s and 1950s.

  • Phone: 1 441 234 2810
  • Address: 90 Somerset Road, Somerset MA 04, Bermuda
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