St. Anthony’s Church was a response to the sacramental needs of the Portuguese community in Warwick. Beginning in 1931 Mass was celebrated in a room in the house rented by Manuel and Mary Lima. This continued until 1945 when the church bought the entire property on which the Lima house was. The property had a second larger house and the second floor continued to be used for Mass. The name St. Anthony reflected the Portuguese devotion to St. Anthony of Lisbon (or Padua). It would be another 13 years before St. Anthony’s would have a proper church. The new church was consecrated on 8 December, 1958. The Spanish/Gothic lines give the church an uncluttered, cool exterior appearance. In addition to providing a spiritual home for its parishioners St. Anthony’s also serves the needs of tourists.

Sunday Mass: 11:15 AM
Saturday Evening: 6.00 PM
Daily: Tuesday through Friday 8.00 AM.
Confessions: Saturdays 5:00 PM