Stop in at ‘The Pit Stop’! The HWP St. John’s Road Service Station, located just north of Hamilton in the HWP Central Complex, is one of two stations operated by the HWP Group. Also known as the ‘Pit Stop Shop’ we stand ready to cater to your everyday motoring and personal needs. While having your tank topped-up, we invite you to come inside the ‘Pit Stop Shop’ and experience a small but comfortable shopping environment, with a wide influencing selection of snacks, hot & cold beverages, ice creams, hot on-the-go foods, toiletries, and seasonal merchandise. Also available are quality fuels and lubricants, propane gas cylinders, cleaners, automotive care products, sundries and convenient day-to-day family items. St. John’s Service Station offers a 24hour Self Serve ‘Pay at the Pump’ service for your convenience. This service requires Credit and/or Debit Cards only. Our friendly and knowledgeable forecourt attendants are always available and ready to greet you with a warm welcome.

Hours of Operation:
Mon – Sat: 7am – 7pm
Sun & Holidays: 10am – 6pm
Closed all public holidays

A pleasant smile. From giving automotive advice to checking your oil and fluids to making sure your windows are clean while you fill up – Every Day, Every Costumer, Every Time!. Come and experience what service is all about!

  • Phone: 1 441 296 6732
  • Address: 61 St. John's Road, Pembroke, Bermuda
  • Email: