divers exploring scuba diving sites in Bermuda

From its magical pink-sand beaches to its crystal-clear blue waters and rich cultural history, Bermuda has always been a glamorous lure for adventure seekers. As if that’s not enough, Bermuda keeps you reeling for more. Its underwater beauties offer scuba divers a gorgeous experience of mystery and adventure.

Scuba divers in Bermuda experience breathtaking underwater caves and wondrous shipwrecks as they explore the mystical marine life and coral reefs. As Bermudas experts, we can help you fulfill your diving fantasies. Read on as we look at the best spots for diving in Bermuda.

What You Need to Know About Scuba Diving in Bermuda

Bermuda is a must-visit scuba diving destination. In addition to being the wreck capital of the Atlantic, Bermuda offers easy access to top-notch diving spots for all scuba divers. You can choose to dive from the beach or at the shipwrecks. The clean, clear water provides a spectacular view of Bermuda’s undersea treasures.

Additionally, Bermuda has a pleasant year-round climate and moderate water temperatures, allowing you to dive at any time of the year. You’ll also find certified dive shops to cater to all your Bermuda scuba diving needs. Lessons are also available for children and scuba diving enthusiasts. Typically, scuba diving in Bermuda is an activity that you can venture into with your family and friends.

Discover Bermuda Shipwrecks

Once known as the ‘Devil’s Isle,’ Bermuda’s unfortunate history has made it a top diving destination with over 300 shipwrecks. With such a rich history beneath the water’s surface, diving in Bermuda is a mesmerizing, intriguing, and downright creepy experience. Dive into the past as you explore Bermuda’s iconic sunken treasures, including:

  • Cristobal Colon: Sunk in 1936, Cristobal Colon is the largest Bermuda shipwreck, spread across 100,000 square feet of the sea floor. You can explore the ship’s stern and some green-tiled bathtubs and bathrooms.
  • Mary Celestia: Built during the Civil War, Mary Celestia sank in 1884, shortly after leaving port in Bermuda. Much of the ship is still intact, and divers can explore its entire length as they marvel at its paddle wheel and engine.
  • The North Carolina: Whether you’re taking a shallow or deep dive, the North Carolina delivers an intriguing experience. It features a neat row of deadeyes along her deck railings combined with her uncanny riggings to create a ghostly grace, highlighting a spooky atmosphere.
  • Montana and Constellation: Stacked on top of each other, the Montana and the Constellation offer a two-for-one diving experience. The Montana sank in 1963 after hitting a shallow coral reef, and the Constellation met the same fate in 1943. This site offers a panoramic view of the uniquely stacked ships alongside thousands of cement bags and glassware.

Other Bermuda shipwrecks include King George, the B-50 Bomber, The Hermes, and other surprising sites to explore. Therefore, expect Bermuda scuba diving to be an unforgettable experience that’s not only visually appealing but also outrightly fascinating.

Bermuda Coral Reefs Up Close

Spread over 200 square miles, Bermuda has a fascinating coral reef system worth exploring. You’ll experience colorful Bermuda coral reefs draped on reef walls and overhangs to create a breathtaking finish. These reefs are also home to stunning parrotfish, trumpetfish, and blue angelfish. You’ll only have to swim for a few minutes before you get to experience such marvellous beauty. Capture photographs, explore the deep-sea fringing coral reefs, and revel in a well-preserved Bermuda. You can also dive at night to capture numerous vibrant critters and add a touch of elegance with the bioluminescence that makes the sea glow.

Plan Your Visit to Bermuda Today!

Ringed by reefs and known to have a shipwreck or two hiding beneath its waters, Bermuda makes for a heavenly scuba diving experience. However, that’s just among the many things that Bermuda offers. You’ll love the long, sweeping crescent of pink sand and the natural beauty that constantly reminds you that you’re somewhere special. Typically, there’s always something about Bermuda that will leave you wanting more.

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