5 Reasons To Visit Bermuda

1. Bermuda Is Closer Than You Think

Bermuda is just 2 hours from the U.S. East Coast and 6 hours from London. Once you’re here, choose your mode of transport: electric car, scooter, e-bike, ferry, taxi, or bus. Pre-clear US customs and immigration in Bermuda when you depart. For more information about traveling to Bermuda and restrictions click here.

2. Bermuda Is Stunning

No matter where you go, Bermuda’s natural beauty constantly reminds you that you’re somewhere special. Preview our beaches, parks and gardens, golf courses, forts and more here. Bermuda offers many

3. Bermuda Offers Adventures Tailored To You

Regardless how you define adventure, Bermuda has something to meet that desire. From exploring old forts and trails, to snorkelling shipwrecks or parasailing; simply choose your adventure. Browse adventures here.

4. Bermuda Is A Food Paradise

Bermuda’s cuisine is diverse to say the least. From sophisticated gourmet meals to authentic local fish sandwiches (our specialty). Explore our menu options, you won’t be disappointed.

5. In Bermuda, You’re Surrounded By Good People

We’re friendly, polite and some of us are quite entertaining. Oh, and don’t try to figure out our accents, it’s complicated.


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