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Pink Sand Beaches
Brilliant turquoise water and sand speckled with pink always make for an awesome sight on our pristine shoreline

Pink Sand Beaches

Bermuda offers an array of exquisite beaches of pink sand and turquoise water.  The sand contains pink flecks that are the remains of a tiny organism known as red foam. This combined with tiny particles of broken shells and bits of coral create the pink hue of Bermuda's beautiful beaches.

Lifeguards are stationed on some of the beaches during the summer; however, many are not and being aware of the undercurrents and never swimming alone are two good tips. There are some water activities with fabulous snorkeling and diving offered on the reefs off South Shore at the larger beaches.

A private picnic lunch or dinner at the beach is a popular option. The less private beaches often offer food and alcohol concessions.

See our photo gallery of reader-submitted pink sand beach photos.

Bermuda's top ten beaches By James Whittaker

10 - John Smith's Bay: Off the beaten track in Smith's parish, this popular locals' beach is a little less crowded than the South Shore destinations but still boasts soft sand and great swimming and snorkelling. The 
Harrington Hundreds grocery store is just a few minutes away by moped if you want to make your own picnic.  L, B

9 - Cooper's Island Nature Reserve: A tiny peninsula on the eastern edge of the island, only recently opened to the public, Cooper's Island is actually a series of small coves connected by almost a mile of walking trails. The larger, but less picturesque (it's all relative) Clearwater Beach is right next door.  B

8 - West Whale Bay: Named for the humpback whales that migrate past Bermuda in April and May each year, this is as good a place for whale watching as anywhere on the island. The grassy cliff-top that borders this Southampton beach is a great spot for a picnic.

7 - Snorkel Park: A great beach for families, out west in vibrant Dockyard. There are inflatables for the kids to rent, great snorkelling for dad and beach loungers for mum.  L, B, C, R

6 - Warwick Long Bay: To truly grasp the beauty of Bermuda's South Shore, walk the length of Warwick Long Bay and clamber across the rocks, or take a detour over the sand dunes to Jobson Cove and Chaplin Bay. On a quiet day you will see more Longtails than fellow tourists. B, R (seasonal)

5 - Shelly Bay: A parents' dream beach, Shelly Bay boasts warm, shallow water, a soft sandy bottom and backs on to a playground and sports field. A favourite for kids and novice swimmers - and close to the bus stop.  C, B

4 - Church Bay: Swim with shoals of brightly coloured parrot fish among the pristine coral reef that pierces the water just yards from shore at this small South Shore bay, widely revered as Bermuda's best beach for snorkellers.  R, B

3 - Elbow Beach: A half-mile of white sand boasting stunning views of the Atlantic, Elbow Beach, in Warwick, is a playground for joggers, kiteboarders, beach volleyball players and SCUBA divers. There's even a shipwreck within swimming distance of shore. You can join in the fun or just hire a deckchair and sit back and watch.  C, B, R.

2 - Tobacco Bay: Famous for its stunning volcanic rock formations - natural sculptures that emerge from the glassy water, this picturesque, sheltered cove is also a snorkellers' dream. The short walk from the old town of St. George is well worth it.  C, B, R.

1  - Horseshoe Bay: A crescent of soft, pink sand, lapped by clear blue water, fringed by sand dunes and bordered with sandstone cliffs, garnished with swaying palms - Horseshoe, in Southampton Parish, is the Mecca of the island's beaches and a must for every Bermuda visitor.  C, B, R, L

B - Bathrooms  R - Rentals  C - Café  L-Lifeguard

Achilles Bay Beach

Achilles Bay gets its name from its heel-like shape. These calm blue waters match perfectly with its secluded location and tranquil setting. Right next to Fort St Catherine, the location of this beach makes is it easy to explore not only the town of St. George, but all the other sights of the east end of the island.

Astwood Cove & Park

More famous for being a site of romantic island weddings than swimming, nevertheless this cove is a delight to experienced swimmers. Its rocky shore line and strong waters are not for amateur swimmers. For observers there's a magnificent park maintained by Bermuda's Parks department ideal for picnics and nature walks. It is also a photographers dream and understandably why a popular wedding vista.

Church Bay in Southampton Parish

After a makeover from 2003's Hurricane Fabian, this popular snorkeling spot has revived not only for wonderful snorkeling, but other water sports too. Catch glimpses of the colorful array of fish, coral reef and sandy beach to experience the full tranquil experience of Church Bay. You can rent snorkeling equipment from May 1 - October 30 from Church Bay Beach Rentals.

Clearwater Beach & Park

Clearwater Beach and Park off of St. David's Island is actually two man-made beaches created when the airport land was reclaimed around 1946 as a US military base and joined to smaller islands. It has been a public recreation area since 1996 with playground, beaches, hardscape for cycling, rollerblading and other activities. Many Bermudians enjoy this area, as it is a great location for a church picnic, company party or music festivals. There is ample parking and during the summer months a lifeguard is on duty.

Stretches of turtle grass create dark patches offshore and at the same time provide a feeding station for turtles and fish. Overhead, one may observe arriving and departing aircraft from the adjacent Bermuda International Airport which, by the way does nothing to disturb the tranquility of the area.

Horseshoe Bay Beach

Due to its captivating beauty, Horseshoe Bay Beach is probably the most photographed beach in Bermuda. From small children, to senior citizens, its wide appeal makes Horseshoe Bay a must see when visiting Bermuda. With an adjacent kiddy beach, and its low tide, Horseshoe is definitely a spot for the entire family.  The expansive horseshoe-shaped beach is bordered by natural limestone cliffs and large reefs where snorkellers can explore the large variety of fish and sea life. Not a fan of water activities? Go for a jog, play volleyball or just kick back on the sand. When hunger strikes you, do not fret.  There is a concession stand fully stocked with a variety goodies.  Horseshoe Bay is also home to BeachFest the country's largest beach party which takes place every summer as part of Cup Match celebrations.

Jobson's Cove in Warwick Parish

Right next to Warwick Long Bay is a beautiful, sheltered, picture perfect beach called Jobson's Cove. Perfect for a picnic, to relax, and to explore in or out of water. Definitely a special spot to Bermuda and a photographic jewel.

John Smith's Bay in Hamilton Parish

This beach appeals to both young and old. Although popular, it is rarely over crowded, making it a great spot to relax. Occasionally colorful parrot fish can be seen along the reef, enhancing the overall tranquility of this beach. Not an experiences swimmer? Be sure to watch for the warning signs of the periodic rip tides. Experienced Lifeguards are always on call during the summer months, ensuring that your visit to the beach is both a safe and enjoyable one. On holidays in the summer months, watch the beach transform from a quiet place

Shelly Bay Beach

This endless stretch of shallow waters probably makes Shelly Bay the number one rated kid's beach in Bermuda. Youngsters can wade in the waters, while parents watch from the sand. Find public facilities, equipment rentals and an extensive playground surrounding the beach, perfect for a day of fun. Adjacent to the beach is "Yardie Kitchen" specializing in both local and Caribbean cuisine.
Just off the busy North Shore Road this beach is not far from Flatts Village and the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo.

Snorkel Park Beach

Dockyard's Snorkel Park Beach is the most fun on the beach in Bermuda! All the exciting water sports and activities you want, in one fantastic beach front location! Rent Jet Ski's for guided island tours, kayak or snorkel over stunning coral reefs just feet from our sheltered beach. Relax, enjoy spectacular views, sunsets, great food and refreshing drinks at Hammerheads Bar & Grill or the Club SPB. Day into night, it's all happening at the Club SPB!

Tobacco Bay

The first choice of vacationers who enjoy a snorkelling aventure at the beach.  The calm waters, natural rock formations and peaceful surroundings make it a memorable beach experience.  If you prefer a refreshing swim or sun tanning on the beach there is plenty of that as well.  You can also rent umbrellas and loungers to make your day comfortable and fun.  If your vacation homebase is in the east end of the island be sure to make Tobacco Bay one of your stops.  Lovers of history will enjoy the beach's fascinating role in a 1775 "gunpowder plot" involving the United States and Great Britain. Fort St. Catherine, another of Bermuda's historic sites, is a short stroll away.

Warwick Long Bay

This magnificent stretch of beach lives up to its name as it is close to half a mile of Bermuda's famous pink sand and dunes. It's a favorite location for early morning swimmers, joggers and the occasional horseback riders. The steep cliffs and shrubbery that cover the hills offer some privacy to sun bathers, and a nearby playground is a must for children as a substitute for the heavy surf. Bay Grape and Cedar trees make up the main vegetation a haven for bird life, so it is a wonderful bird watching area. Snorkel equipment is available to rent from Warwick Long Bay Beach Rentals from May 1 - October 30.

West Whale Bay in Southampton Parish

Come the months of March and April schools of Humpback whales can be seen as they migrate through the beautiful azure waters off the South Shore, hence why the name was given to this beach. It's always been a favorite spot for family picnics, on the beach or on a picnic table. The on-site toilet facilities are convenient if you intend to spend the day. When the tide is low, the water is sufficiently shallow for bathers to float out and enjoy the coral reefs.