1711, 2018

The Rosedon Hotel awarded an honour at the Boutique Hotel Awards in London

The Pembroke venue was named The America’s Best Classic Elegance Hotel at the Merchant Taylors’ Hall last Thursday. Owners Lee Petty and Scott Kitson said they spent two years transforming the hotel from an old-school bed and breakfast into a boutique hotel. They said in a statement: “This award is great recognition of all of the hard work and dedication of the entire team at Rosedon Hotel.

3009, 2018

Do You Know How Bermuda’s Caves were formed?

Do You Know How Bermuda’s Caves were formed? By Horst Augustinovic Some 30 million years ago volcanic eruptions on the floor of the Atlantic formed a mountain approximately 13,000 feet high, reaching the surface of

3009, 2018

Bermuda Art Galleries & Public Gardens

Art Galleries & Public Gardens Bermuda Arts Centre Dockyard 4 Freeport Rd, Royal Naval Dockyard A working art gallery that exhibits a wide range of paintings and mix-media by local and foreign artists alike.  City

3009, 2018

Explore Fall Attractions

Explore Fall Attactions in Bermuda The Unfinished Church   Play Hide & Seek at The Unfinished Church St. George’s  This beautiful piece of architecture dates back to the 1600’s and is just off

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