By Lisa Howie, Director, Bermuda National Gallery

The John Hinson Young II and Nelga Vivian Young Collection was donated to the Bermuda National Gallery in 2005. The Young Collection is eclectic and reflects the collectors’ world travels and local interests. This exhibition concludes at the end of November so please don’t miss out.

In this exhibition, we have selected artworks that share common cultural threads that communicate the universal human condition. From the Mexican artists we see sensitive attention to the figure, notably by art teacher Francisco Zuñiga. Parents from all cultures will identify with the tenderness of Felipe Casteñada’s mother and babe, while the warmth in Jesus Mariano Leuus’s family portrait is timeless. French artists Jean Dufy, François Gall and Elisée Maclet capture the spirit of Parisian life using different painting techniques however many will appreciate the energy surrounding national monuments and the calm of the café setting.

Intricate details and careful compositions develop narratives from artists capturing completely dissimilar scenes. American Morris Broderson conveys a personal journey to the Far East by illustrating artifacts, while Canadian Gary Slipper creates a mythological environment filled with symbolism. American Fred Swan brings a vivid wintery Vermont scene to life while Spanish Martin Zerolo defies two-dimension with a still life that is far from static.

Chinese Yuan Yunfu merges cultural art theories using pen and ink and watercolours and French Michel-Henry dramatizes a simple arrangement of flowers. More abstractly, Italian Nicola Simbari lays a brilliant and heavy palette to a Mediterranean seascape while Bermudian Charles Lloyd Tucker uses similar hues to captures scenes from our Island home.

Highlights from The Young Collection celebrates the diversity of global expression while taking us on a visual journey that conveys the interests of these most generous art collectors. The experience continues to the Queen Elizabeth Park on Queen Street where sculptures from the collection are on also display.

Join us for an art experience. Take away a memento with a BNG art book. Exhibition tours on Thursdays at 10:00 am.

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