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Bermuda celebrates the most culturally diverse designations of religion, many of which can be found at the various faith centers around the island. Many Churches that exist today are traced back to Bermuda’s inception, some with dates are established before island was first founded. Not only is Faith an important part of Bermuda Culture, it is a important part of it’s history.

African Methodist Episcopal (AME): St. Paul’s AME Church

St. Paul Centennial Hall

Brethren: St. George’s Gospel Chapel

Anglican: St. James’ Church

This is the parish Anglican (Episcopalian) church, on the Somerset Road. with an interesting church history. Bus routes # 7 (Dockyard) and # 8 stop on Somerset Road, at the

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Church of Christ at Bermuda College

Unity Foundation of Truth

Methodist: Centenary Methodist Church

African Methodist Episcopal (AME): St. Philip AME Church

African Methodist Episcopal (AME): Bright Temple AME Church

Anglican: St. Paul’s Church

Located in Paget Parish of Bermuda, St. Paul's Church was built in 1796 to replace another old church that was already existing there. This Anglican church has its own graveyard

African Methodist Episcopal (AME): Bethel AME Church

Faith Rated by C. Dickinson Rating: 4.6

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