Bermuda Dreaming

Bermudian photographer, Amanda Temple has recruited a passionate team of artists, designers, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, photographers and island enthusiasts to help show the world the beautiful island they’re proud to call home. Amanda, was disappointed to see the #bermuda feed flooded with unrelated imagery and it urged her to strive to create a more “honest” representation. Many travellers are now using the app in place of Google or Trip Advisor, when planning their next vacation, looking for that honesty. Unlike Google, an often faceless and vast resource, Instagram’s success is hinged on a human connection. “The power of this lies in the medium,” she insists. “I really felt it was important to put faces to this project, to inspire people to come and visit and provide a happy place to share Bermuda experiences and memories.”

Each month the group hosts an “Instameet” that is open to residents and visitors alike. It is a social gathering when the group head out to explore the island and take pictures along the way. It’s a great opportunity to meet others and discover places that are off the beaten path while sharing their individual take on the island and, hopefully, helping to boost tourism. Research has shown that vacationing has taken on a new shape since the advent of social media. Dreaming is the first stage in trip planning, followed by researching, booking, the experience itself and, finally, sharing. It was with this in mind that @bermudadreaming was born. “This isn’t exactly a novel idea,” Amanda maintains, humbly. “Many people are already sharing their images on Instagram. I am just hoping we can all share more! We’d like to encourage collaboration. Tag posts with #bermuda, and #bermudadreaming for a chance to be featured on Bermuda Dreaming. Please share your Bermuda stories with us.”

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