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Embark on a 3D Tour of Bermuda National Gallery

This is pretty cool, you can visit here and go on a 3D tour of the gallery. Anytime!

Find a Bermuda Beach and claim it as your own…

From East to West there are approximately 34 sandy beaches and coves in Bermuda. Here are a few of our favourites and if you look closely you will find tiny traces of pink sand on some and handfuls of pink sand on others. If you’re interested in learning more about which beaches have which grades of sand and the various characteristics within, The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, also known as the Ocean Discover Centre at BUEI has a fabulous interactive touch display.

Clearwater Beach

There is a choice of beautiful beaches to choose from on St. David’s Island in the east end: Clearwater Beach is next to a playground and has a seasonal beach house; Turtle Bay is a lovely cove which is great for snorkeling, and the nature reserve boasts stretches of soft sand at the end of every path. Bus 6 from St. George’s

Tobacco Bay

Famous for its stunning limestone formations – natural sculptures that emerge from the glassy water, this picturesque, sheltered cove is also a snorkelers’ dream. The short walk from the old town of St. George is well worth it. There is a beach house for rentals, food and drink, in the summer months.

Takes about 20 minutes to reach Tobacco Bay beach from Kings Square, St. George’s

John Smith’s Bay

Off the beaten track in Smith’s parish, this popular locals’ beach is a little less crowded than the western south shore destinations, but still boasts soft sand and great swimming and snorkeling. The Harrington Hundreds grocery store is just a few minutes away by moped if you want to make your own picnic. Bus route 1

Shelly Bay

A parent’s dream beach, Shelly Bay boasts warm, shallow water, a soft sandy bottom and backs on to a playground and sports field. A favourite for kids and novice swimmers – and close to the bus stop. Bus route 10 or 11

Warwick Long Bay

To truly grasp the beauty of Bermuda’s south shore, walk the length of Warwick Long Bay and clamber across the rocks, or take a detour over the sand dunes, to Jobson Cove and Chaplin Bay. On a quiet day in the spring and summer you will see more longtails than fellow tourists.  Bus route 7

Horseshoe Bay

A crescent of soft, pink sand, lapped by clear blue water, fringed by sand dunes and bordered with sandstone cliffs, garnished with swaying palms – Horseshoe, in Southampton Parish, is the mecca of the island’s beaches and a must for every Bermuda visitor. Rum Bum Beach House is open in the summer months. Bus route 7

Church Bay

Swim with shoals of brightly coloured parrot fish among the pristine coral reef that pierce the water just yards from shore at this small south shore bay, widely revered as Bermuda’s best beach for snorkelers. Bus route 7

Set Out With Take-Out and Enjoy It In A Garden

The parks are also open this week and while it’s been nice getting to know the 1k that surrounds our dwellings it’s time to get out and enjoy the island again but remember it is still against the law to mix households.

Queen Elizabeth Park, Queen Street, City of Hamilton

This haven for relaxation within the city commemorates the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. See sculptures from the Bermuda National Gallery’s collection displayed throughout the grounds.

Palm Grove, 38 South Rd, Devonshire Parish

A well manicured private estate with beautiful gardens and a unique pond with a map of Bermuda.

Botanical Gardens, 183 South Rd, Paget Parish

Lovely gardens featuring introduced, endemic and naturalised Bermuda flora, ornamental gardens and a butterfly garden.

Somers Garden, Government. Hill Rd, St. George’s Parish

A quiet garden that features a moongate, native and introduced plants and is named to honor Admiral Sir George

5 City Hall Garden, City of Hamilton

Stop and admire the plants and flowers for a beautiful, peaceful and tranquil moment.

Round Up The Troops & Explore Some Of The Coolest Forts

There are approximately 90 Forts in Bermuda, here are 5 that you can get out and explore this week.

Martello Tower, St. George’s

The egg shaped fort was built in 1823 and features a moat, 9-11 foot thick walls of Bermuda stone, and a drawbridge. It is located on a hill at Ferry Reach Park, near Whale Bone Bay, a section of the Railway Trail and other coastal defence sites. Outside viewing only.  30 minute walk along Ferry Road once you reach St. George’s

Fort St. Catherine, St. George’s

Packed with historic exhibits, artifacts, and a well preserved interior, this stone built fort houses a museum and is one of Bermudas most impressive structures and in the old artillery store there is an exhibit of the fort’s development over four centuries.

From Kings Square take Duke of York Street, take a left at Somers Super Market towards Duke of Kent Street. Keep going and you will reach Tobacco Bay. Fort St. Catherine is a 5 minute walk from there.

Fort Hamilton, Pembroke

Enjoy magnificent views over the City of Hamilton and its harbour. The upper levels and battlements have been landscaped with lawns, which make a fine place for a picnic. Entry is across a wooden bridge over the deep dry-moat and there are plenty of cannons and ramparts inside. If walking from Front Street head east and take a left towards King Street. Walk up the steep incline of Kings Street and turn right to Happy Valley Road.  Fort Hamilton is on your right.

Whale Bay Road, Southampton

Whale Bay Battery and West Side Fort defended Hog Fish Cut from the 1700s through WWII. Today you can explore gun emplacements and the magazine, enjoy superb ocean views from the top of the fort and picnic in the adjacent parkland.  20 minute walk from Whale Bay Road

Scaur Hill Fort & Park, Somerset Road, Sandys

This fort was built to defend the Royal Naval Dockyard against the Americans during the war of 1812. Then in the 1940s, American guns defended the fort during WWII.While exploring, look for the deep gun pits and galleries which go deep into the hillside. The ramparts offer spectacular views of Ely’s Harbour and the Great Sound.

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