Bermuda in Retrospect: Then & Now

by Horst Augustinovic

Before there were digital cameras and cell phones which now produce great colour photographs and send them world-wide in an instant, there were postcards, laboriously colourized from black-and-white photographs.

Revisiting the scenes of these 100-or-so-year-old postcards can be quite challenging and we may experience a certain degree of nostalgia, but looking for that certain spot where a photographer lugged his tripod and camera all these years ago, makes us recognize and appreciate all the changes that have taken place since.

Shown here are just a few examples of what Bermuda looked like in the early 1900s and what the island looks like today.

Bermuda Retrospect: Then & Now

The view from Red Hole in Paget ca. 1910


Bermuda in Retrospect: Then & Now

… and today.


Bermuda in Retrospect: Then & Now

Hamilton looking west from the Cathedral Tower ca. 1910 and 2017.


Bermuda in Retrospect: Then & Now

The Hamilton Hotel stands where the City Hall is today.

Bermuda in Restrospect: Then & Now

Looking north-west from Flatts Inlet to the open sea, ca. 1905

Bermuda in Retrospect: Then & Now

… and again in 2017.


Horst is a passionate philatelist, history buff, collector and author. Originally from Austria, he has been living in Bermuda since 1961 and has published several books on Bermuda’s history, including the series ‘What You May Not Know About Bermuda’, and ‘The Golden Age of Bermuda’s Postcards’.


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