by Nadia Hall

“We’re gonna get you one of these,” David says, waking me from a gem-induced hypnosis.

Their minimal St.George’s boutique is a breath of fresh air in a world of overstocked accessory shops and it’s easy to find yourself quietly absorbed in the treasures on display.

The conscious, luxury jewellers, which is owned by Bermudian David Zuill and his wife Rose, offers its clientele a select sample of ready-to-wear luxury pieces as well as hand-crafted bridal and statement pieces. It’s not unusual to find them bent over the bridal display in the corner, hushed words exchanged over plans for future engagements.

“What do you like?” he probes. It’s a genuine question. The two may run a business together, but they are, at their core, romantics, confident that our interview will one day translate to the ring of my dreams.

The pair met and fell in love at university in Toronto and formed the company after they discovered a collective passion for jewellery and design. Rose, a third generation jeweler, aids clients in conceptualising their ideas and designing the piece, while David, who has a background in computer sciences, creates a 3-D rendition.

“It’s made to order,” Rose explains. “Based on David’s designs, we can create pieces that make our clients feel good and look good at the same time.”

David is a rare breed. He speaks with an air of certainty that has even the steadfast skeptic in me believing that one of their stunning gems is, as he puts it, my “birthright”.

All of Davidrose’s diamonds pass the Kimberley Process Certification, which prevents ‘conflict’ diamonds from entering the main stream.

They have built something truly unique, offering clients in Bermuda a new way to experience luxury jewellery. The company was conceived in 2009, and the couple have been designing one of a kind bridal, bespoke and fashion pieces for clients ever since. They’ve gained a loyal following of international clientele from Canada, US and Bermuda as well as the Middle East and India. Many of their clients are repeat customers. “People are getting married 12 months out of the year. If they’re not getting married they’re getting engaged,” Rose says matter-of-factly. I’m quickly learning that the world they live in is clearly more romantic than most.

Claiming The Bermudian Magazine’s Best of Bermuda awards for three years running, this year they took home two awards including one for Fine Jewellery.  Stop by Water Street to view their newest collection, “Bermuda Pride,” a collection of Bermuda inspired motifs and their popular first, Ocean Collection, which was inspired by the turquoise waters that surround historic St. George’s, the shop’s gorgeous location.

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