Bermuda weddings require a few simple steps to make it all happen. Here are some helpful tips to get you closer to your dream wedding in Bermuda. And don’t forget, as part of your wedding planning strategy, take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of one of Bermuda’s wedding professionals, to ensure you have the beautiful, stress-free wedding
you envision.

All marriages in Bermuda are handled by the Registry General Office.
The first step is to apply for a Marriage Licence.
To do this, submit a Notice of Intended Marriage

Once the Notice of Intended Marriage has been submitted, along with the fees for the Marriage Licence and Marriage Certificate, the Registry General publishes your notice in the official gazette. After a 15 day waiting period, you will be issued a Marriage Licence which is valid for three months.

Before the wedding, the Marriage Licence is given to the registered Marriage Officer who will perform the ceremony. Your marriage ceremony may be religious, performed by a registered Marriage Officer, or a civil ceremony, officiated by the Registrar General. Once the ceremony has taken place, the Marriage Officer completes the Particulars of Marriage Form, submits it to the Registry General Office, who then issue the Marriage Certificate.

Department of Registry General
Government Administration Building
30 Parliament Street
Hamilton HM 12, Bermuda
Registrar General Office phone numbers: 441 297 7709 or 441 297 7707

Marriage Licence $353.00
Marriage Certificate $40.00
Marriage Ceremony at Registry General’s Office $260
Marriage Ceremony performed by Registrar General at a public beach, park or Botanical Gardens $473

Note: All fees can be paid via wire transfer as well. The overseas persons can also pay via a Bank Cheque or Wire Transfer.

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