Lili Bermuda Workshops
It’s a common belief that the sense of smell is strongly linked to emotions. Also known as the “Proustian Phenomenon”, the theory proposes that the fifth sense has more power than any other sense to help us recall distant memories. It explains why Lili Bermuda’s fine fragrances make for such coveted keepsakes. Each bottle serves as a sensual reminder of a moment in time; one filled with sunshine, waves and unbelievably vibrant colors.
‘We emphasize nuances that really speak to our soul and that make us happy…’ says Master Perfumer, Isabelle Ramsay Brackstone.  From the sweet smell of ripe, juicy loquats to the comforting aroma of endemic Bermuda cedar, they have perfected the art of perfume making in Bermuda, blending the essences of our elements, botanicals and seasons into several different harmonious elixirs.
“Perfumers are magicians,” Isabelle informs me, adding romantically “whether we work with oils, molecules or all naturals, we always try to inspire some emotion.”  The ‘alchemy of scent’ is as mystical as it is scientific, and three years ago they began offering workshops to their customers, inviting them behind the scenes to show how, precisely, the magic is made. Led by Isabelle herself at the Perfumery within St. George’s historic Stewart Hall, the workshops are intense, four hour long seminars with an intimate group of 3-5 participants. “It’s not like a pottery class or something. You have to really be motivated,” she warns, insisting that fragrance making is no small feat. Still she’s amazed by their popularity, noting how many people come back over and over again, determined to perfect their signature scent. “Maybe the first time they did a floral and they come back and say okay, now I want to do a chypre, or they say it’s our anniversary and I’d like to make my husband a cologne…” she recalls, reflecting on the motives of past participants who usually tend to be either true perfume enthusiasts or people simply looking to add some romance to their life.
We’ve been told before how humans can sniff out their best mate. Pheromone parties are an increasingly popular way to meet potential lovers in the US, so it makes sense that the Perfumery’s workshops would be appealing to couples looking for an extra special way to celebrate their love. “I’ve had spouses come and make perfume together, and they’ll make one fragrance that they wear together in unison. I’ve had brides make perfumes for their grooms and vice versa, I’ve had groups of bridesmaids attend the workshop…”
“Everyone has their own garden and their own preferences. Depending on your nationality, your culture, your upbringing, you have these smells of your youth that for you, mean very, very different things. It brings in some really interesting combinations and it’s a really fun adventure!“
The Perfume Workshops are available by appointment only.
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