The Town of St. George reenacts a historic punishment – the Ducking Stool.

This event takes place on Ordnance Island, during the tourist season (April to October). Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 1 pm, visitors and locals gather to witness a glimpse into Bermuda’s colonial past.

The reenactment involves a volunteer playing the role of a punished townsperson. Dressed in period clothing, they’re seated in a wooden chair attached to a long arm. With the assistance of nearby tourists and a dramatic push, the chair dips the participant into the St. George’s Harbour waters, simulating the original punishment.

The audience reaction is a gasp, with cheers and laughter ringing out after the dunking. This interactive element adds to the experience, allowing the public to engage with the town’s history. The reenactment serves as a reminder of Bermuda’s past while offering informative activity for visitors that is not found anywhere else in Bermuda that has the historic atmosphere.

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