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Bermuda is a country rich in history, dating back to 1609. From stunning forts to picturesque lighthouses, historical reenactments and heritage museums; not to mention the historic Towne of St. George, a UNESO World Heritage site, there is something for any history fanatic.

National Museum of Bermuda

Immerse yourself in 500 years of history at the National Museum, housed within the island’s largest fort. Located in Dockyard, the 15-acre property includes British military buildings of the keep

Hidden Gems

Come along for a fun-filled day on tour with Hidden Gems of Bermuda Ltd. Our mission is to provide an experience of a lifetime exploring Bermuda’s best kept secrets. Travel with

Crystal and Fantasy Caves

Crystal & Fantasy Caves are Bermuda's top visitor attraction for some very spectacular reasons. Deep, clear underground pools of azure blue water. Incredible formations of every size and shape imaginable.

Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) is a non-profit organization. The institute offers free guided tour of its campus and facilities on the first Wednesday of every month at 10am.

Famous Homes and Hideaways

Join Famous Homes and Hideaways and cruise along the shoreline to view charming colonial homes, painted in pastel colours, that are steeped in history as well as exclusive neighbourhoods known

Bermuda Old State House

The Old State House also known as the old Session House, is the oldest building in Bermuda built in 1620. It was also Bermuda's first building that was built with

Bermuda Cabinet House

Bermuda Cabinet House was constructed in 1841. In 1968, it became the office of Bermuda's Premier who runs the Bermuda Government. Inside you will see large portraits of past Premiers

Bermuda National Library

This old two storied building with a balcony used to be the residence of Perot family. Perot was the first post master of Bermuda.

Camden House

Camden House is located inside Botanical Gardens of Bermuda with sprawling lawns and flower gardens, Camden House is the official residence of Bermuda's Premier.The curator opens the house for public

Kings Wharf Bermuda, Royal Naval Dockyard

Kings Wharf is where the most contracted cruise ships dock in Bermuda. This is the original pier or the berth in Royal Naval Dockyard, the largest cruise port in Bermuda.

Carter House

Carter House is one of the oldest homes in Bermuda built in 1640 by the descendants of Christopher Carter. So who was Carter? George Somers was the first who started

St George’s Historical Society Museum

St George's Historical Society Museum is one of the oldest and unique buildings in Bermuda. Bus routes to St George: 1, 3, 10, 11. April ‰- November Hours: Mon ‰- Thurs &

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