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By Alexandra Lima

If you are planning a trip to Bermuda during late winter or early spring, we highly recommend Whale Watching. March and April are whale-watching months in Bermuda, as the magnificent creatures pass by the island on their migration north.

Bermuda is a sanctuary for whales – humpback, blue, northern and dolphins in the 200-mile zone around the island. This area, secured as an ‘Exclusive Economic Zone’ under the order of the Fisheries Act, protects these species while they inhabit our waters. They pass Bermuda annually, along the Gulf Stream heading for the nutrient rich waters of the Arctic. It is not uncommon to see them along the surface but if you are lucky you may just see the powerful spout of a blowhole, a glimpse of their tail as they dive into the depths or better yet, a spectacular breech into the air.

There’s no better way to appreciate the natural beauty of these majestic creatures than by expiring a once in a lifetime whale-watching tour. It is possible to see whales from various points on land, however it would require much patience, not to mention a good pair of binoculars. Along the South Shore Coast, there are various points to stop, either on your Bermuda motorbike or while riding the Bermuda Bus Service. However to avoid disappointment, there are various eco tours which will take you off shore to see the whales in their natural habitat.

An excellent option for whale watching is with Island Tour Centre. With over 20 years of local experience, and a veteran whale watching crew, you can guarantee a safe and respectful observation of the incredible humpback whale. Island Tour Centre is dedicated to responsible wildlife viewing and adhere to internationally recognized whale watching guidelines and best practices.

Join them from March 11th-April 29th, for a 5 hour tour and don’t miss this amazing opportunity to see one of mother nature’s most glorious creatures.

For more information, please visit islandtourcentre.com

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