By Brigitta Wohlmuth

Henry VIII

King Henry VIII was renowned for his love of fine food, wine and entertainment- and the restaurant/pub named in his honour delivers all of the above, including a breathtaking view of the south-shore.

As one of Bermuda’s oldest remaining pubs, Henry’s has that authentic old-world English charm, but don’t think for a second that your choices will be limited to steak or fish and chips. Their menu is continental and extensive, including not only pub fare, but also a gourmet lunch and dinner menu, hot and cold canapés, and a full sushi bar.  In everything they do, the standard has to be “fit for a king” so if you’re looking for a truly majestic dining experience then this is the place to be.

As for their lobster specials, they prefer to keep it simple and elegant. Chef Shanaka explains:

“The best way to eat Bermuda spiny lobsters is simply broiled, with some lovely seasonings and lemon butter to bring out the freshness so you can really feel the flavour of the meat,”

The simplest things in life are often the truest, hence why Chef Shanaka likes to keep it classy when he’s preparing a spiny lobster. The plate he brought out was comparable to a piece of art; beautiful and refined yet dramatic in it’s presentation.

What is your inspiration behind the dish?

Basically, everything on the plate is local, so the inspiration is Bermuda. As much as I can I try and use all local ingredients, from the lobster to the vegetables the only thing you see on the plate that wasn’t made on the island is the butter.

What other lobster dishes are on the menu?

We only have the options of broiled or Thermidor on our menu. But we can also do a curried or Thai-style lobster dish as well as a grilled or steamed lobster, when we’re not too busy. Generally we advise guests to try and pre-order if they want their lobster dish customised.

When is the best time to come for lobsters?

Always the earlier the better. We open at 6:30, so come as close to then as possible and you will be sure to get the freshest catch.

Apart from the amazing food, the ambiance at Henry’s makes the experience even more memorable. Whether your dining on the patio overlooking the scenic ocean-view, or sitting in the oak room listening to the live music entertainment, it’s a great place to drop in on the weekend even just for a drink with friends. On Friday Nights you can hear local bands such as Hind Sight play a selection of popular music, from folk to conscious reggae. And if your into Jazz your then stop by on a Sunday night when Max and Eugene serenade the scene with their smooth vibes.

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