By Brigitta Wohlmuth


The Lobster pot is one of the oldest and most popular restaurants in Bermuda. For 69 years it has maintained it’s title as Bermuda’s finest seafood restaurant, dedicated to serving the freshest local fish all year round. Favoured by locals and visitors alike, the Lobster Pot is a staple in Bermuda’s culinary scene. Best- known for their mouth-watering lobster specials and award winning fish chowder, your trip to Bermuda won’t be complete without at least stopping by for an appetiser.

How have you managed to maintain your popularity all these years? 

“The secret is great service and excellent food”, says chef Manuel Guillo putting it quite simply. He also chalks it up to consistency explaining that they have an excellent relationship with the local fishermen who never leave them hanging. When it comes to lobsters in particular, other restaurants may or may not have a steady supply, but you can be sure that the Lobster Pot will live up to its name, it’s been doing so for decades.

“The first two weeks of lobster season we were so busy, we must have sold about 100 lobsters a day!” says Chef Manuel. He absolutely recommends that you make a reservation to avoid disappointment because during the season they never really slow down.

So when is the best time to come?

“Come at dinner time on a Friday or Saturday, because then all the lobster sizes will be available” says Chef Manuel. That’s another reason for their popularity he explains, guests can choose their preferred size of lobster be it small, medium or large.

Because bigger is not necessarily better,  according to him: 

“I find with the larger lobsters the meat tends to be more tough, some people like it like that, but personally I prefer a medium sized lobster because the texture is a bit less chewy,”

He recommends that if you have never tried a spiny lobster that you first start off with their cousin, the guinea chick. “I love to eat guinea chicks, because they are much sweeter and the meat is also softer than lobster.” He says, mentioning that guinea chicks are more rare a delicacy than spiny lobsters.

If you’re a newbie to lobster eating, you could also play it safe with one of their shell-less specials. Apart from the traditional broiled and Thermidor lobster, they also offer lobster pasta, lobster and shrimp salad, and lobster, shrimp & crab cakes!

…Yet another reason to visit this prolific restaurant, because variety makes all the difference when eating out. The options on their menu are seemingly endless, so whether you’re a crustacean connoisseur, a fish-fanatic or a landlubber, you’re guaranteed to find something that will feed your fancy.

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