Crystal Caves

Crystal Caves 

8 Crystal Caves Rd, Hamilton Parish

Ancient caves over 100 feet below ground with magnificent stalactites and stalagmites that surround a crystal clear 55-foot deep lake. 

South Shore Park 

South Rd, Warwick Parish to Southampton Parish 

A string of pink sand beaches connecting Warwick and Southampton parishes. Explore sand dunes, walking trails and rocky cliffs along this scenic coastal stretch. 

Fort St. Catherine

15 Coot Pond Rd, St. George’s Parish

Four centuries are explored here featuring cannons, guns and military exhibits. 

Blue Hole Park  

Bailey’s Bay, Hamilton Parish

Park joining Walsingham Nature Reserve to Tom Moore’s Jungle. Provides an excellent walking trail, with caves and fish ponds. 

Admiralty House Park

68 Spanish Point Rd, Pembroke Parish 

Once the home of British admirals, Admiralty House is now a ruin surrounded by a park and is popular for swimming, cliff diving and exploring. 

Southlands Estate 

South Rd, Warwick Parish 

A 37-acre parkland full of rubber trees. 

Spittal Pond

South Rd, Smith’s Parish 

64-acre nature reserve that is part of a necklace of wetlands and a great place for bird watching. 

Astwood Cove

South Rd, Warwick Parish 

A vast green space overlooking rockly cliffs that surround a beautiful little cove below. Park is great for picnics and provides stunning views of the South Shore. 

Cooper’s Island

Cooper’s Island Rd, St. David’s 

12 acres of unspoiled natural beauty with long stretches of beach to explore. 

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