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The native Bermuda spiny lobster is a favourite local delicacy, available only in the winter months to protect the crustaceans’ population from over-fishing. Recreational fishermen with a license are allowed to snare lobsters in specific locations around the island while free-diving, and egg bearing females are out of bounds. Ensuring the local lobster population stays healthy means they are not always plentiful, so plan ahead for your lobster dinner by making a reservation at one of these restaurants and book your lobster in advance!


Bermuda Bistro at the Beach

103 Front Street, Hamilton 

441 292-0219

Coconut Rock

20 Reid Street, Hamilton

441 292-1043


69 Front Street, Hamilton

441 295-8299

Lost in the Triangle (LITT)

13 Reid Street, Hamilton

441 296-0094

Port O Call

87 Front Street, Hamilton

441 295-5373

Bella Vista   

5 Port Royal Drive, Southampton

441 232-0100

Henry VIII

Lighthouse Rd, Southampton

441 238-1977

Harbourfront Restaurant

40 Crow Lane, Pembroke 

441 295-4207

Seabreeze Lounge

60 South Shore Road, Paget 

441 232-3999


106 Southside Road, St. David’s 

441 777-0555

Swizzle Inn

3 Blue Hole Hill, Bailey’s Bay

441 293-1854

Swizzle Inn South Shore

87 South Road, Warwick

441 297-1307

White Horse Tavern

8 King’s Square, St. George’s

441 236-7459

Wahoos Bistro

36 Water Street, St. George’s

441 297-1307



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Enjoy Bermuda Lobster