Enjoy Bermuda Lobster during Lobster Season!!!

The native Bermuda spiny lobster is a favourite local delicacy, available only in the winter months to protect the crustaceans’ population from over-fishing. Recreational fishermen with a license are allowed to snare lobsters in specific locations around the island while free-diving, and egg bearing females are out of bounds.

This list is not a guarantee but just a guide to who offers lobster throughout the season.

Ensuring the local lobster population stays healthy means they are not always plentiful, so make sure to plan ahead for your lobster dinner by making a reservation at one of these restaurants and book your lobster in advance!



Bermuda Bistro at the Beach

103 Front Street, Hamilton 

441 292-0219

Coconut Rock

20 Reid Street, Hamilton

441 292-1043


69 Front Street, Hamilton

441 295-8299

Lost in the Triangle (LITT)

13 Reid Street, Hamilton

441 296-0094

Port O Call

87 Front Street, Hamilton

441 295-5373

Bella Vista   

5 Port Royal Drive, Southampton

441 232-0100

Henry VIII

Lighthouse Rd, Southampton

441 238-1977

Harbourfront Restaurant

40 Crow Lane, Pembroke 

441 295-4207

Seabreeze Lounge

60 South Shore Road, Paget 

441 232-3999


106 Southside Road, St. David’s 

441 777-0555

Swizzle Inn

3 Blue Hole Hill, Bailey’s Bay

441 293-1854

White Horse Tavern

8 King’s Square, St. George’s

441 236-7459

Wahoos Bistro

36 Water Street, St. George’s

441 297-1307



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