We’re all too familiar with the coastal side of Bermuda. Visitors and residents are spoiled for choice with the soft pink shoreline and crystal clear waters, but what of the rural? Our lush greenery harbours earth that is just perfect for growing and an agricultural community that is easily overlooked.

Not anymore. They’re making the best of both worlds at the Reefs. Chef Douglas Sisk’s menu at Aqua Terra offers a fresh take on island classics such as grilled octopus served with toasted farro, tomato confit, watercress or a beetroot ravioli served with sweet pea, walnut, fennel beurre blanc and grilled rockfish served with crab fondue. Two unique experiences also take place: their highly imaginative Chef’s Table and a Wadson’s Farm to Table Tour.

In the latter, guests will accompany the chef on a full tour of neighbouring Wadson’s Farm, a small farm dedicated to sustainable agriculture. They will get to pick fresh ingredients from a wealth of locally grown produce and the chef will then use these ingredients to prepare a delicious dinner.

There is little more convivial and memory forming than a chef’s table. Couple that with the scenic ocean views at this location and you’ve got an occasion that will imprint on you for a lifetime. The team’s multi-course dinner party promises to “entice your palate with wonderfully creative local fare at an elevated fine dining level.”

Chef has left a small promise at the foot of the menu: “We hold our farmers, fishermen, and purveyors to the highest standard only using locally sustainable products when available and import the very best when needed. All products are World Friendly no hormones, no antibiotics, and the freshest on the island.”



Wadson’s Farm-to-Table
Tour is at 12pm (2 hour)
Dinner is at 7pm


Chef’s Table
7pm (every 2 weeks)