Inland Adventures in Bermuda 

When you’ve had enough of the beach this Summer, then migrate inland to explore Bermuda’s other attractions. There are many inland adventures to be had in Bermuda, here are our suggestions for…

Science & History Buffs

There are a number of fascinating museums in Bermuda that will surely pique your interest. Learn about the infamous Bermuda Triangle at the Ocean Discovery Centre (aka BUEI) in Hamilton (click here to read more about the new exhibit.) Or head to either one of Bermuda’s historical hubs. St. George’s is an incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Royal Naval Dockyard is home of the award-winning National Museum of Bermuda which showcases our rich maritime history. 

Inland Adventures in Bermuda

The new Bermuda Triangle Exhibit at BUEI’s Ocean Discovery Centre

Nature Enthusiasts

Bermuda is in full bloom and you can join in celebrating the island’s agricultural heritage at the annual Agricultural Exhibition every Spring. This popular community event is held in the Botanical Gardens each year, consisting of school exhibits, beautiful floral shows, animal exhibits and equestrian programs. Adventure seekers will love the Hidden Gems all-inclusive eco-excursions, a popular tour that takes you to explore nature reserves, forts and caves found off-the-beaten track. 

Inland Adventures in Bermuda

Orchids on display at the annual Agricultural Exhibition

Art Lovers 

With so much inspiration to draw from, you won’t be surprised to discover that Bermuda has a diverse and thriving arts scene. Must -see galleries include the Bermuda National Gallery and the Bermuda Society of Arts – both located in the City Hall. Another gem is the Arts Centre at Dockyard. They have regularly changing exhibits and a variety of unique works for purchase . 

Inland Adventures in Bermuda

The Bermuda National Gallery

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