The official, ceremonial centre of St. George‰’s, King’s Square acquired its name in 1818 when it was named in honour of King George III. Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday until November 30, 2011, the town crier, colorfully decked out in tunic, breeches and tricorn hat, rings his bell and shouts ‰”Oyez! Oyez!‰” (Hear Ye!). This is to convene his ‘tribunal’,‰ which will mete seventeenth-century justice to a nagging wench at the ducking stool nearby. By all means try out the stocks for yourself. This is a fun photo opportunity. Buses 1, 3, 10, 11 operate between Hamilton City and St. George’s Town. The bus terminal is a short walk away from Kings Square. The ferry terminal is also a short walking distance. There is a ferry that connects the Kings Wharf Dockyard with St. George’s Town.