Despite the construction of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse in Southampton Parish in 1846, vessels continued to be wrecked in the east end of Bermuda because intervening hills blocked the Southampton light for part of its arc. Joseph Ming Hayward personally lobbied the House of Assembly and oversaw the construction of the St. David’s Lighthouse from 1876 to its completion – its fixed kerosene lamp was first lit by his wife.

Completed in 1879, St. David’s Lighthouse was constructed of Bermuda stone and stands 55-feet from base to lantern. The lighthouse is located on the easternmost point of the island, enabling navigators to take cross bearings with the flashing beacon emitted by Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse in the west end.

Today the St. David’s Lighthouse automatic light beam is electric, and it is overseen by the Bermuda Department of Parks, with outside viewing.  The biennial Newport to Bermuda Race finishing line is off St. David’s Lighthouse, with the starting line off Castle Hill Lighthouse, Newport.

Bus route 6 operates from St. George’s to St. David’s. There is a bus stop at the bottom of Texas Road. From here walk up to Mount Road to reach the lighthouse.

Info: Bermuda Department of Parks – 441 236 5902


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