Five reasons this stylish hot-spot will keep you healthy and happy!

by Brigitta Wohlmuth

A Sweet Escape From the City 

The streets of Hamilton are nowhere near as chaotic as those of say New York or London, but lets face it, any city can cause unnecessary stress on your psyche. Escape the hustle and bustle of Front Street at this cozy little refuge, which is within walking distance, yet removed enough to allow you to relax, detach and find your inner zen. Being healthy means more than just eating well and exercising, you also have to remove those toxic distractions (such as the temptation to spend more money.) Here you can hide away from the allure of commercial trends while you sip your latte in peace and reevaluate what really makes you happy.

So much more than a Café

Here they have just about everything. Delicious home-brewed coffee, fresh fruit and veg smoothies, daily lunch and dinner specials, breakfast, brunch, tapas, canapés – you name it, they got it, including a fully licensed bar.  While we’re trying to keep you healthy, let us recommend a glass of red wine – good for the heart – as are their delightful cocktails made with fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Fresh Philosophy 

This is NOT one of those chain-type eateries full of ready-made, processed food. Here everything is made fresh and on site by their skilled and thoughtful chefs. “There’s a lot of love on these plates“ assures the manager Tiffany, likening the cafe to a boutique as opposed to a department store considering many of their items are subject to limited availability. Everyday their baker brings in a fresh selection of gluten free muffins, and other treats that run out very quickly. Still the options are seemingly endless with over seven different types of bread for sandwiches, and five choices of greens for salads – you can guarantee to get exactly what you want, made fresh for you!

Classy but Kid Friendly 

Moms, we feel your pain. It’s not easy eating out when you have little ones.  Finding something they will like is half of the battle – the other half is  ignoring the evil stares when they act up or God-forbid the baby starts to cry! But at Café Ten you can feel like a grown up again within their suave establishment that welcomes all walks of life – from business professionals to rambunctious toddlers. As the manager will tell you, “Everyone has to share the space here and we strike a good balance in that regard.” So don’t break your New Year’s health resolution to keep the kids happy. (Plus, their bathroom has a changing table!)

Tasty Take-Aways 

Because this hot-spot is just so hot, you can imagine it gets pretty busy during prime time. It’s a very popular choice for business folk in the area and as such you might have trouble getting a seat during the lunch hour rush. But don’t fret, all their delicious meals can be made to-go, this is fast-food at its best – so why not plan a picnic at Victoria Park on the next block and enjoy the sunshine, breeze and greenery?

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