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This remarkable document is an agreement between the crew members who once sailed a ship called Caesar. The document explains how the spoils were divided from a successful privateering voyage during the War of Jenkins’ Ear, 1744. Captain in command was John Griffith and the document was signed by each of the Caesar’s officers and crew, thirty-nine signatures or marks (for those who couldn’t write) with red wax seals in total. Actual records such as these seldom exist today.

Caesar sailed to Bermuda in 1746 arriving early one evening, waters calm. Story has it, a pilot was called from St. David’s but by the time he showed up the next evening, winds had turned to gale force – the anchor cable parted and Caesar had run herself onto a coral reef losing her rudder. The relief pilot was able to assist the captain and crew to shore, however, the crew made vigorous protest over the pilot’s delayed arrival.

Anthony Pettit has the most impressive collection of old Bermuda maps, books, prints, paintings and ephemera. He began collecting in 1965 and has been in business for the past 18 years. He has four catalogues available in print and features many valuable items catalogued online at

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