As we head into spring, you may see many locals and visitors alike, out enjoying much of what Bermuda has to offer. Many of Bermuda’s Parks offer wonderful views and trails ideal for dog walking, picnicking or just taking in the fresh air. Located all over the island, you can always find the perfect spot to relax, unwind and rejuvenate.

  • Arboretum Park

The Arboretum is a 22 acre hidden gem, as it is centrally located and a convenient stop on the way to or from your destination. It has a collection of trees and shrubs from around the world, including many that bear fruit. You may also find many different species of birds, as the Arboretum is a wonderful sanctuary for wildlife. There are circular trails which are often used, which also offer suggested fitness routines to promote health and wellness.

Location: Devonshire Parish, at the corner of Middle Road and Montpelier Road. To reach the Arboretum catch bus number 3 from Hamilton or St.George.

Bermuda Hibiscus

  • Admiralty House

Admiralty House was once the home for admirals of the British Royal Navy. The hillside park boasts fantastic ocean views, shaded paths, wooded areas, and a tennis court. A meandering path leads down to a sheltered cove.

Location: Pembroke Parish, located in Spanish point. To reach Admiralty House take bus number 4 from Hamilton, which stops right outside the entrance.

  • Albouy’s Point

Albouy’s Point is a dock and the pick-up point for many of Bermudas water operators and fishing boats. Cruises also depart here in the summer months. There is a small public park with a grassy loan, trees and great views of Hamilton Harbour. There are plenty of beanches to sit on and enjoy the activity on the water.

Location: Pembroke Parish, located in the town of Hamilton. To reach Albouy’s Point, take the bus or ferry into Hamilton. Albouy’s point is located beside the Ferry Terminal.

  • Barr’s Bay Park

The waterfront Barr’s Bay Park is located in Hamilton City of Bermuda overlooking the Hamilton Harbor. The scenic park has shaded trees and benches. You can view the harbor, and watch the boats and cruise ships pass by. It’s a nice scenic place to relax and have a quiet time.

Location: Pembroke Parish, located in the town of Hamilton. To reach Albouy’s Point, take the bus or ferry into Hamilton. Barr’s Bay Park is a short 5 minute walk west of the ferry terminal.

Bermuda Butterfly

  • Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens is 36 acres of trees, flowers and shrubs. Bermuda Botanical Gardens are also home to the Camden, the official residence of Bermuda’s Premier, and the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art. Numerous picnic tables and benches are to be found throughout the grounds.

Location: Paget Parish, located between South Shore Rd and Berry Hill road. Can be found beside the hospital.

  • Queen Elizabeth Park

Once the garden of William Perot, Bermuda’s first postmaster. There are two entrances to the park. Enter through the one on Par-la-Ville Road and you’ll pass through Bermuda’s oldest Moongate, whilst that on Queen Street is adjacent to the historically significant Perot Post Office. Otheriwse known as ‘Queen Elizabeth Park’, Queen Elizabeth park is A lovely art experience. Located just a few steps from the ferry terminal on Front Street the park is a local gem, boasting a beautifully designed garden with endemic horticulture, exploratory pathways, water features, and a variety of sculptures.

Location: Pembroke Parish, located in the city of Hamilton. A short 3-minute walk across the street from the Ferry Terminal up Queen Street.

  • Victoria Park

Situated centrally on the northern side of the City, Victoria Park remained in a natural state until the late 1880s when a bandstand arrived from Scotland and a suitable location had to be found. It was at this time that Deane’s Bottom (a playground for the students of Alfred Deane’s Springfield Academy) was transformed into a Victorian park. The Bandstand was purchased by the Town of Hamilton to commemorate the golden jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1887 but was not installed until 1889. In 1897, ten years after Victoria’s golden jubilee, the Town of Hamilton became a city in commemoration of Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee. The City of Hamilton’s first public park was, for many years, a fashionable meeting place where audiences could enjoy the music of military bands. The park was also a popular location for social and political groups to meet. To commemorate Bermuda’s 400 years of continuous settlement on the Island in 2009, the bandstand was dismantled and shipped to a foundry in Scotland. Skilled laborers employed the same iron-casting techniques used by the original creators of the bandstand to restore it to its original glory. The bandstand was returned to Bermuda, installed and officially reopened during a ribbon cutting ceremony in May 2009.

Location: Pembroke Parish, behind the City Hall and the Main Bus Stop Terminal of Hamilton City.

Bermuda Bird of Paradise-

  • Watch Hill Park

The tiny Watch Hill Park is a lovely place to relax and take a stunning view of the coast line. It also has a cliff side trail that leads off the South Road. There are great picnic spots at the eastern side of the park. It’s located near Spittal Pond, (the eastern side) along South Road and can be enjoyed on route to John Smiths Bay Beach.

Location: Smiths Parish, along south shore. Bus #1 comes close to Watch Hill Park.

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