Bermuda Ranked in the Top 10 by Condé Nast Traveler

by Alexandra Lima

Once again, Bermuda ranked in the top 10 of Condé Nast Traveler’s Best Islands in the World. Surveyed in the annual Reader Choice Awards, Bermuda came in eighth out of twenty island destinations for the 2016 polling.

This recognition comes as a humbling honor, as Bermuda was in the company of many iconic sun destinations. From nearby Caribbean locations such as St. Lucia, St. Barts and Cayman Islands, to European hot spots like Ibiza, Mykonos and Sardinia; Bermuda topped the lot. Representing the North Atlantic well, Bermuda is noted to be a “melting pot of British, American and Caribbean cultures”, highlighting that it is in fact, a British Overseas Territory, not a Caribbean Country as many believe it to be.

Only surpassed by locations in Canada, Australia and Southeast Asia (The Philippines landing 3 spots within the top five) Bermuda is undoubtedly the most reasonable destination within the top 10, in regards to travel options. With flights a mere two to three hours from the east coast, the American traveler can fly direct from eight different cities. For those travelling from the UK, frequent British Airways flights make Bermuda an easy choice.

And once you are here, Bermuda “offers tons of things to do” according to Condé Nast. Featuring one of our more famous attractions, the “watery underground cavern,” Crystal and Fantasy Caves, it mentions that “one of the site’s first visitors was Mark Twain.” Also cited in the feature were our “near pink-sand beaches, golfing, shopping, museum hopping and more.”

Bermuda is no stranger to the annual award; last year Bermuda ranked fifth amongst the honorees, defeating islands like Bali and the British Overseas Territories. Condé Nast Travel has also mentioned Bermuda in several features, including two in 2015.

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