Is it hot enough for you yet? Scorch season has only just begun, and those familiar with Bermudian summers know that you can hide from the sun but will still feel its sweltering heat. Of course, you want to stay fresh and more importantly always smell delicious. Just try one of the unisex fragrances in Lili Bermuda’s Water Collection, particulary if you find that body sprays don’t last yet shy away from the intensity of traditional perfume.

The whole collection is unmistakably inspired by island living, intended to be “modern, casual and easy to wear”, says the Perfumer, Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone. The trio of Eau de Colognes, blend the scent of the ocean with your favourite summer fruits and citrus flavors (and even their names sound like exotic elixirs infused with tropical mystique.)


Bermuda PerfumeryWhen asked to create a fragrance exclusively for Tucker’s Point Resort, back in 2009, the Perfumer was inspired by the concept of an ‘Eau Fraiche’- a diluted perfume with a lower concentration of essential oils – and so they came up with this energizing fragrance. Boasting top notes of clementine, grapefruit and lemon, it’s the most unisex in the collection, and extremely versatile. “We found that our younger, more modern customers like to have fragrances that are a little less gendered, and a little more refreshing and easy” says Isabelle. “It fits perfectly with Tucker’s Point because you could wear it from the Golf Club to the Beach Club!”

Bermuda Perfumery


The collection’s best-seller tips more to the feminine side of the scale with a sweet muskiness and notes of guava, coconut milk and sea salt. Dubbed by Isabelle as  “the beach side of the collection”, the smell instantly transports you to the South Shore, as you daydream of flirty cocktails and tie-dye sunsets.  “South Water is the fruitiest of the waters, you can almost taste pina colada, it’s really, really nice and sexy too” she adds. Created in 2011, the fragrance became an instant hit and it’s the only scent in the collection that also comes as a candle.


Bermuda PerfumeryThe newest edition to the collection is probably the most masculine of the three scents.  Bermuda sea grass and neroli give the scent a bit of spice, while the essence of juicy loquats also distinguishes Calypso as the most Bermudian of the waters (ingredient wise). Created in 2013, Calypso is said to “capture the summer energy of Bermuda’s emancipation celebrations and the lively rythms of the Island’s music and lifestyle.”

As well as colognes, all of the fragrances in the Water Collection are available as a shower gel, soap on a rope and silky body lotions.

Can’t decide on just one? Then try the ‘Discover Lili Bermuda Gift Set’, available for him or her, you receive a Fragrance Library containing vials of all their fragrances and a gift certificate for a 100ml bottle of cologne or perfume, that you can redeem once you’ve chosen your favourite scent.

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